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Kari Fagerness

Washington State Department of Natural Resources, Assistant Division Manager, Product Sales and Leasing

Kari Fagerness is an assistant division manager for the Product Sales and Leasing Division at the Washington State Department of Natural Resources. As part of her role with DNR, Kari manages the agency’s commercial real estate and transition lands assets.

As the manager of approximately 3 million acres of land across multiple asset classes in the state of Washington, DNR strives to efficiently manage its asset base on behalf of its trust beneficiaries, including K-12 schools and other public services. This includes growing the commercial real estate portfolio and creating entitlements and value on its transition lands.

Prior to her career with DNR, Kari was the executive director of the Skamania Economic Development Council. She has also worked as a paralegal specializing in real estate and transactional work, and as a land use planner in the public and private sectors.

Kari Fagerness
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